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Drain Unblocking - We're experts at sorting all blocked drains…..

  • High pressure water jetting
    High pressure jetting shoots a powerful jet of water through your drain removing any stubborn build ups which may be causing a blockage.
Manual cleaning
We will come with manual rods and our expert technicians will skilfully unblock the blockage by hand! 

Standard Unblock
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Often your drains can be blocked simply as a result of a build up of whatever has been put down them. When that happens our standard unblock service will be able to remove the blockage and get the drain working again. We will get the job done quickly.
Mechanical Unblock
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Sometimes your drains can be affected by more stubborn blockages. Our teams carry equipment capable of clearing the most severe blockages. Whether high pressure water jetting or root cutting we have the equipment to deal with it quickly & effectively.

Types of Drain Unblocking We Do:
Drain Cleaning

Pipe cleaning

Blocked Sinks & Bathrooms

Blocked Toilets

Manual Rodding

High Pressure Jetting

Gutter Cleaning

Patio Cleaning
At some stage drains, traps and waste pipes will require drain cleaning. Over time dirt, lime scale and grease can build up, causing a blockage. If you neglect your drains they can quickly build up fast and cause a major blockage.

We advise our customers not to use acid based chemical to clear the blockage, this causes many more problems as the acid can burn through the rubber seals and cause the pipes to leak, resulting in acid and un pleasant water leaking on to your floor. 

At Drain Master Isle of Wight we use special drain cleaning equipment which can cut through the blockage a lot quicker and safer than the acid based chemicals. It is a lot wiser to give us a call and and let us take the stress out of your hands with the minimum of fuss!

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As specialists in drainage, we have established a reputation you can count on. We have an Island wide no call-out fee for all our customers requiring 24 hour drainage services!

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